Loving Deeply

2018 / East Hall Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

7 days performance with 20 participants as an act of resistance and intimacy

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For 7 days during the Pratt Fine Arts Residency, artist Gyun Hur invited her friends and colleagues to join her plucking yellow silk flowers as an act of resistance and intimacy at East Hall Gallery during her Pratt Institute Fine Arts Residency.

Known for her laborious process of art making, Hur contemplates on her role as an artist, an educator, and a woman of color during this uncertain time and initiates gestures of intimacy and loving through a communal act of deconstructing her yellow silk flowers. By sharing hours of menial labor with the community, Hur hopes to foster a space for conversations that would generate a sense of imperfect, yet generous amount of understanding and empathy.

Participants: Cotter Christian, Lilly Lampe, Diana Lee, Jeongmin Kim, Jane South, Caroline Woodlard, Susan Jahoda, Laurel Farrin, Josh Erdman, Lisa Freeman, Kate Harding, Ruiyan Xu and her family Ben, Sabrina, and Astrid, Heejung Kim, Layla Lester Harkness, Enny Peguero, Eric Mercer, and Katie Waugh