Artist Statement

When art and life intersect at a pivotal tension point, a dialogue develops in multiple dimensions. The tangibility of symbolically charged materials such as cemetery flowers or fabrics acts as an agent of communication in my developing body of work. I have been experimenting with performative installations where improvised rituals and materials converge.

I am interested in constructing a visual and psychological space where narratives of labor, loss, and place reside. In my recent installations, a community of people around me and I carefully disassembled and hand- shredded collected silk flowers, then laid them on floor, replicating my mother’s wedding blanket patterns, seck-dong. Specific methodical destruction and labor-intensive reassembly of the silk flowers create an aesthetic happening, turning public or art space into an introspective site of dialogues. Completion of one installation project usually takes about 3- 4 months.

Through the menial process of making, selective collections of found objects transform into a poignant residuum of the past and the present. A sentimental installment of materials and insertion of a physical body facilitate an occupied territory as a platform for opened dialogues, both internal and external.