A System of Interiority

2014 / Hand-shredded Silk Flower Petals, Cement Stones, Mirrors, Glass Panels, Dirt, Broken Pots, Lighting Panel, Lighting Controller
28 ft x 28 ft x 15 ft 

The collaborative installation engages lighting designer, Rebecca Makus and writers, Kristin Juarez, Lilly Lampe, and Ruiyan Xu. The exhibition includes a collection of objects and materials including powders, silk flowers, dirt, and broken pots. These objects are laid on to multiple platforms around the gallery space, which include a cement floor, glass floor, and a light panel. The writers’ texts exploring ideas of personal and theoretical interiority rotate on the gallery walls every two weeks. A System of Interiority invites the viewer to experience the installation over time as the light changes – this transformation of space is an essential part of perception and understanding of surroundings. This collaborative installation is a continuation of Hur’s ongoing narratives of loss and rupture. The exhibition is a provocative exploration of materials and lighting that are intended to facilitate dialogue about the notion of psychological, interior space.

Atlanta, GA / Get This! Gallery

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